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Janet Oliver – Owner Coriecollies

Janet Oliver is a renowned breeder, trainer and judge in the dog community. She has received judging appointments as far as Singapore and Australia as well as all over the UK and Europe.

As a Full Member of the Kennel Club London, Royal Society of Arts Assessor and a qualified N.V.Q. Assessor and Trainer Janet is very active in the dog world. In the past she has bred and trained Crufts winners trained Crufts World Cup participants and judged at Championship C level bringing her accolades for her style, fairness and innovative rounds.

Janet has been training dogs since 1984 and has been trained by international dog trainer Sylvia Bishop.

Below are a few of the achievements of the many that are on Janet’s CV


With her experience as a championship breeder and trainer she was appointed as a Kennel Club judge in 1991 and has judged from Beginners and Novices, to Championship Classes at licensed shows in the UK, Jersey, Guernsey and in Europe.   In 2005 Janet was selected by the Singapore Kennel Club to judge in Singapore, judging the Obedience & Agility class.

Recent judging appointments include:

Judging Appointments 2014

Northern Alsatian & all breeds training society
28th June 2014, Manchester
Championship obedience c bitch.

Tunbridge wells dog training society
October 25th 2014. Ardingly showground. Sussex.
Championship obedience c. Dog.

 April      Jersey, Channel Islands - Training Seminar Competitor and                dogs.
 May      Plymouth C Dog / Bitch.
 May      Netherlands Dutch Obedience Society.
 May      Guernsey, Channel Islands All classes.
 June    Basingstoke Special Charity C.
 June    Petersfield C Dog.
 June    Saddleworth Hills, Oldham Novice & Open C.
 Sept    British Association for German Sheppard Dogs C Dog.
 June    Jersey, Channel Islands - Training Seminar Competitor and dogs.

6 Open C

 January    Guernsey World Team training for Crufts.
 June        Judging Petersfield Championship Bitch Obedience Show.


June       Datchet Special charity C class.
August   Billingshurst DTC
Sept        British Association of German Shepherd Dogs West Bromwich Dog Championships

June       Petersfield Dog Championship

May       Guernsey Open Show
July        Winchester Bitch Championship
October Thurrock Dog Championships


March   Singapore Kennel Club Obedience & Agility class.
May       Rugby Bitch Championship
August   Ditton Dog Championship
Jersey    open show.

Training & Competing

In addition a Coriecollies bred dog, Coriecollies Jetsetter , qualified for Crufts 2012. This builds on the success of 2010 when, Jeopardy, a Coriecollies bred dog qualified for Crufts

Some of the numerous awards that Janet has won as handler / breeder & owner include:

Obedience Champion Coriecollies Jessie O.W.,
Janet won with Jessie 30 Open C Wins
1994 Reserve Crufts Obedience Bitch Champion
10 Obedience Challenge Certificates
15 Reserve Challenge Certificates
30 Open C Wins
1 Pro Dog Heat
5.x B. Wins
5 x A. Wins
5 x Novice Wins

Coriecollies Jadie
Qualified  2002 Championship Bitch Ticket

4. C. Wins
3. B
3. A.
3. Novice.

Coriecollies Jabisca

  1. Won all novice and A Classes.


As a breeder Janet has been associated with even more success. This includes the 2002 Crufts Obedience Champion Coriecollies Jonnie and Crufts 2004 - 2nd Place Valpas Lumo Finnish Spitz, age one year.

Coriecollies Jeopardy winner of championship qualifier 2009. Now qualified for Crufts 2110 championship dog obedience Title.NEC Birmingham.

Janet with five of her dogs

Janet with two of her dogs Jerri & Jillie

Janet & new addition Madonna (Madge)

3 of Janet’s dogs Rocky, Roxie & Jillie in the Coriecollies grounds

Janet Judging in Holland 2015

Janet Judging in Holland 2015

Janet puts a dog show competitor through her paces

Janet and Paul with winners line up Billingshurst 2009

Jerri winner novice Class

Janet and her dogs

Janet and Jillie

Jeopardy – Crufts qualifier 2010 – bred by Coriecollies

Coriecollies Jillie

Coriecollies Jitterbug owned & loved by Judy Dyke working b bred by Janet Oliver
Coriecollies Jitterbug.
Owned & loved by Judy Dyke.
working B.
bred by Janet Oliver.
Qualified Crufts Obedience 2006
Coriecollies Jypzi from Goldlawns
Qualified Crufts Obedience 2006
owned and loved by Barbara Macknish
Bred By Janet Oliver
Pixvonbrook Ruby and Rascal Owned by Jackie Bradford Bred Janet Oliver

Pixvonbrook Ruby and Rascal
Owned by Jackie Bradford
Bred Janet Oliver

Coriecollies Jack
Owned by Eileen Borland
Bred by Janet Oliver (pictured)
(another winner!)

Coriecollies Jambo (asha)
Owned by Jenny Harknett bred by Janet Oliver Another winner

Another Winner
Coriecollies Jeopardy (Riski)
Owned and Loved by Mandi Oliver
Working Ticket class 
Bred by Janet Oliver - Coriecollies

Mobella the minstral (Bryn) and Coriecollies Jabisca
Becker owned by kath westall
Joey owned by Jane Wood
Zara owned by Julie Garnett
Cori owned by Josi Yates
Jerri owned by Janet Oliver