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Coriecollies believes that your cat is with us for the holiday experiences of a lifetime. Our aim is for them to enjoy themselves and make their stay as pleasurable as possible.

We provide your cats with cosy bedding and toys but if you want to bring your own bedding and toys to help them feel even more at home we are happy to accommodate this.  All cat houses have both inside and outside areas for your cats to explore. Included in the outside area are logs and ladders so they can play, exercise and scratch and bedding so they can lounge in comfort. Inside the cattery has more bedding as well as heating and lighting for comfort all the year round.

We collect information about your cat to ensure we know all of their likes, dislikes and medication requirements. This goes into our care plan folder and over time we build up a history of what will make your cats stay at Coriecollies the happiest it can be.

Two cats ready for bed!           Two cats snuggled in their indoor                                                        enclosure

Two cats in their outdoor enclosures

Two cats in their indoor enclosure

One of the staff gives a cat some love & affection

Two cats at play